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NHTSA now provides parents a new five-star ratings system that allows you to evaluate how easy certain car seat features are to use before you buy a seat.

Alpha Technology Associate, Inc. (Alpha Tech) is a woman-owned and 8(a) Certified Small Business. Established in 2000, Alpha Tech is a professional services firm with the corporate office in Fairfax, Virginia. We provide project management support services to government agencies and commercial businesses.

The mission of Alpha Tech is to provide delivery of high quality, cost-effective, timely services to our customers. We tailor our services to meet each client's requirements. We nurture our client relationships with cooperation, collaboration, flexibility, responsiveness, trust, dependability, integrity, quality, and dedication. We deliver what we promise and we are committed to our clients' success.

In addition to customer service, our focus is on our most important resource: our people. A key element of our success has been our ability to attract and retain highly qualified, experienced, talented, and dedicated people. We employ a staff of highly skilled professionals who have proven capabilities across a wide range of projects. Alpha Tech takes pride in employee accomplishments in education and experience. All of our personnel is well trained with degrees in their areas of proficiency. They include Biomedical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Database Administrators, Technical Writers, Web Developers and System Engineers and Research Assistants.

Our quality performance based organization delivers real results on time and on budget. At the core of our service is delivery of valuable solutions and customer satisfaction to our clients. Alpha Tech is geared to support the mission of delivering value, customer satisfaction, and nurturing of our client relationships and our people.

CORPORATE OFFICE | 2810 Old Lee Highway, Suite 120 | Fairfax, VA 22031
Phone: 703-876-0010 | Fax: 703-876-0120
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